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High Power Transformers

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Power Transformers

We have built up our name in assembling High Power Transformers. These High Voltage Transformers guarantee smooth engine activity drawing 15-20% lesser current and keeping up 390/400 volts alongside the establishment of servo controlled voltage stabilizer. Focal points like High-quality, Reasonable evaluating and on time conveyance are given this item. Our Transformers are intended for a most extreme temperature rise 40/50ºC of oil and winding and Lower temperature rise can be offered on demand of the client. Has a Standard Fitting of Rating and outline plate, Earthing terminals - 2 nos, Lifting hauls, Oil level pointer (plain), Drain-cum base channel valve with plug, Oil filling opening with plug on conservator, Oil conservator with deplete plug and so forth.


  • High quality
  • Reasonable price
  • On time delivery

Temperature Rise:

  • Transformers are designed for a maximum temperature rise 40/50ºC of oil and winding
  • Lower temperature rise can be offered on request

Standard Fittings:

  • Rating and diagram plate
  • Earthing terminals - 2 nos
  • Lifting lugs
  • Oil level indicator (plain)
  • Drain-cum bottom filter valve with plug
  • Oil filling hole with plug on conservator
  • Oil conservator with drain plug
  • Air release plug
  • Silica gel air breather
  • Bi-directional flat rollers
  • HV terminals-outdoor bushings
  • LV terminals-outdoor bushings
  • Radiators
  • Filter valve with plug
  • Thermometer pocket
  • Oil temperature indicator
  • Externally operated off circuit tap changing switch
  • Explosion vent
  • Sampling value (for 2000 Kva & above transformers only)

Accessories on Request:

  • LV and HV cable boxes
  • Winding temperature indicator (WTI)
  • Buchholz relay
  • Magnetic oil level gauge
  • Marshalling box
  • Disconnecting chamber
  • Oil temperature indicator with electrical contacts (OTI)
  • Pressure relief valve




Coil Number


Additional Information:

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit